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Welcome  to the launch site of
the Advanced Antimicrobial safeguarding Association.

Threats to the health and economic wellbeing of people across the world from dangerous infections have been well and truly highlighted during the

Covid-19 crisis. And whilst there has been such rapt attention on Covid, the world can certainly not ignore the many other safeguarding factors that apply in the antimicrobial spectrum – including the huge   potential threat of  antimicrobial resistance – regarded by the WHO as one of the 10 greatest threats to humanity.

Advamsa has been formed to bring together the global community of those involved in using, developing, informing and supporting advanced antimicrobial solutions – from the development of new medicines to greater evaluation of products such as those using antimicrobial coating technology.

The aim of Advamsa is to help coordinate many elements including
setting agreed standards
through lobbying
promotion and networking and knowledge sharing
bringing together a broad community of stakeholders, including manufacturers, scientists, health authorities, government, end-users and journalists.
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