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Advanced Antimicrobial Products

Antimicrobial Coating Products (AMCs)
The scope of AMCs is very broad, including use in medical equipment, reduction of pathogens in healthcare environments and safety and efficiency in food production – and of course, as applied as part of antimicrobial cleaning and extended longevity strategies across many different sectors and in domestic locations too. With little in the way of specific standards for AMCs, some conflicting opinions published online and different efficacy claims, there is an obvious need for the coordination of standards and promotion.

Antimicrobial Air Filtration Products
The use of air filtration systems to protect people at work, in indoor public spaces, whilst travelling, in education environments and of course in the healthcare sector has been growing rapidly since the start of the pandemic. It is being evaluated by governments and health agencies to assess its potential role in overall better safeguarding against airborne pathogens. Home use products have also been growing in popularity. The expert consensus is that they can play a significant role – if the products are of high technical quality and are properly installed and maintained.
Ultraviolet (UVC) Disinfection Products
Often referred to as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), this is another technology that has grown in usage and degree of interest since the start of the Covid crisis. A broad range of products are on offer, from expert professional solutions to ones that are unquestionably of little or no use, including entirely fake and potentially dangerous products sold on platforms such as Amazon.