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Advamsa members will benefit from collaboration and promotion – of products, of research and development and agreed standards.  Membership fees are being set at rates from £150 per month, dependent on the type of membership, size of organisation etc.  Some sponsorship opportunities for those that want to raise their profiles further will also be made available.

Product manufacturer membership
Manufacturer members will receive guidance and assistance on the development of standardised product testing, accreditation and promotion. You will be able to interface with people and organisations critical to enhancing the trusting of your products. You will be able to better reach all the potential markets and customers. You will also have support in dealing with regulators in many countries.
Research & development membership
As a person or organisation working within antimicrobial R&D, you will be able to promote your work and stay well-informed on developments elsewhere and access information on important aspects such as funding and peer reviews.
User membership
User membership includes all businesses and organisations that are interested in evaluating and purchasing antimicrobial products to help safeguard their employees, customers, communities and citizens. You will be able to access a broad spectrum of verified information, including certification and best practice principles, and use this to make purchasing decisions and provide greater reassurances to all your stakeholders.
Government and authority membership
If you represent government and authority organisations, membership of Advamsa will help you to keep track of all developments in the crucial antimicrobial safeguarding world. As well as staying informed, you can participate in discussions on aspects such as the testing and certification of products.