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MRSA – a classic example of the need for across the spectrum and advanced solutions

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been an exponentially growing threat for many years. Increasingly resistant to many antibiotics and highly contagious, it is at the forefront of causes for concern and the need for both treatment and prevention.

MRSA is probably best known for its association with Hospital Acquired Infections / Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) – contributing to hundreds’ of thousands of deaths and pushing up mortality rates considerably. But it is not just in the healthcare sector that MRSA is a significant problem.  In more recent times, many athletes have suffered from the serious and potentially deadly effects, with reported outbreaks affecting several sports.

The CDC advises

Skin infections, including MRSA, are most commonly reported among athletes in sports with a lot of physical contact. This includes wrestling, football, and rugby. However, MRSA infections have been reported among athletes in other sports such as soccer, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, rowing, martial arts, fencing, and baseball.

Even though some sports involve only small amounts of physical contact, MRSA might spread before or after participation, such as in the locker room. Anyone participating in organized or recreational sports should be aware of the signs of possible skin infections and follow prevention measures.”

Tragically, one well-known wrestler, Jimmy Rave died only recently, after previously having an arm and both legs amputated as a consequence of MRSA infection.

There is a continuous need to develop drugs to treat MRSA and other pathogens resistant to antibiotics, but there is also a necessity to combat them with the very best hygiene practices and products because they are passed by contact with other people and from contaminated surfaces.

Today, there are many businesses that are stating that their products provide advanced solutions to help prevent MRSA infections, from hand and surface cleaners that claim longer-lasting efficacy to ones that incorporate antimicrobial properties into different types of polymers. Many of these are not currently on official ‘approved lists, so it is an area where Advamsa is engaging to encourage the most robust research, testing and usage where it greater efficacy and longevity can be substantiated.

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