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Zoono’s Antimicrobial Coating Product Continues to Produce Results on UK Passenger Transport Systems

With an elevated Covid-19 threat looming once again, what are considered high-risk transmission businesses. Such as public transport systems are doing all possible to ensure their customers are safeguarded.  In the UK, a number of these businesses have been carrying out advanced cleaning and antimicrobial strategies since the very start of the pandemic crisis, and one of the most notable examples has been the results achieved by Transport for London (TfL) – particularly on its underground train services. The world-famous ‘tube’ system is one of the busiest in the world and was very well prepared for the pandemic situation, having conducted tests and contingency scenarios way back in 2015 for just such an event.

After conducting trials of products that might help mitigate the impact of a pandemic, Transport for London chose Zoono on the strength of its combined germ-killing  power and longevity capability. When Covid-19 struck, TfL quickly implemented their enhanced safeguarding protocols, including using Zoono to help provide literally an additional barrier against the disease.

TfL confirmed they have been using Zoono as an additional safeguarding measure, applying it every 21 days as a part of their enhanced measures, covering over 600 trains and other key elements of their network. They also confirmed that as reported on the BBC, Imperial College London have been regularly testing the trains, including swabbing high-touch areas and have been finding no traces of Covid-19 contamination. Previous testing showed that the treated surfaces are exceptionally pathogen-free overall, whereas untreated carriages were still shown to be contaminated – indicating that the protection being provided goes considerably beyond Covid-19.

Similar outstanding results have been achieved on other UK rail networks using Zoono.

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